Sunday, December 16, 2012

Linda's Psychic Road

                                   Linda's Psychic Road

                                                        My many experiences so far

For the last 4 years I have been on a strange and sometimes wonderful journey.   A journey that has taken me places that I would have never dreamed about going to until after I started on my psychic journey.   I have also met many helpful people along the way who by some reason unknown to me have had our journeys coincide and now we are going on a parallel road together.  Many of my experiences so far with the paranormal and psychic side of life has been very educating and has led me to several paranormal groups on different social media outlets such as Facebook or Twitter. 

My experiences first started as seeng 'shadow people' or what others call energy manifestations (ghosts).  I never really believed at first that was what I was witnessing and usually rationalized it as maybe my eyes were tired or I was imagining it.   Until early one morning I had a startling encounter with one of these 'shadow people' seemingly attacking me.  At first it looked like some kind of animal maybe a bear standing in the doorway but suddenly it stood up and I could make out a shape of large man.  It then lunged for me and was trying to 'choke' me!  It then backed off of me and went vanished into the wall.  I didn't want to tell anyone what had happened since most (I thought) would have made me out to be crazy.  But this one incident kept gnawing at my brain.  I was trying to rationalize or think this out by myself but the more that I thought about it, the more it ate at me.  So finally, I did confide in someone that had similiar interests in ghosts and she told me that many people do believe in spirits/ghosts existence and I wasn't crazy. 

From then on, I have been on my long journey to seek answers to all of the experiences that I have had since this first one.  After feeling that most would not make fun of me or tell me it was just my imagination I started to ask around much more and online.  Online is where I really got my education on the paranormal and that I may have psychic abilities.  I've never really considered myself psychic or for that matter I was more like the majority of people out there that don't really believe in people who can 'talk' to the dead or foretell your future by looking at your palm.  I did  however believe in some of the tv psychics like John Edwards who was the first psychic that I had seen on tv on a regular basis (weekly tv show) that did impress me with his abilities.  He kept getting the facts right on the people he was reading.  But for me to believe that I could do that very same thing that John Edwards has been doing all his life?  No way!  I what I would tell myself  until I found the Chip Coffey message boards.  I still had issues with the shadow man that apparently 'attacked' me so I went there because it was advertising that was the place for all of your questions on the paranormal and you could even get a reading from Chip Coffey himself it that is what you wanted.  But I was more looking for answers to what was eating me at the time, shadow people. 

This is where I learned that I may have psychic abilities myself.  They used to have photo reading games on there and when I tried one, I actually did get many of the info right on.  I was surprised at myself.  This psychometry (photo reading through the eyes) was fairly easy to do for me.  I was in shock actually.  Ever since I have been photo reading others online and enjoying myself doing this.  I think the best part is when I do get something right the reaction from the person asking for the reading is priceless. 

Well, now it's 4 years later and I have experienced many other things with the paranormal.  I have been lately using a digital camera to try to 'catch' an image of spirit or something out of the ordinary and I may have.  I have taken several photos that are questionable whether they are spirits or not. 

I really don't know when or where my psychic road will end but I know that I have had a most enjoyable time with this.  Meeting new people who have similiar interests and experiencing many of the paranormal events that I have in the past 4 years have both made this journey well worth it.